Telescope Astro-Charging Services include:

    "Astro Charged Telescope Service!"

  1. Complete inspection of the mount head including complete dismantle.
  2. Inspection and cleaning of each part - removing all metal burrs, shavings, thick grease and foreign objects.
  3. Inspection and adjustment of motors and encoders with gear set screws replaced as necessary.
  4. Replacement if required applicable stock worm bearings with high precision bearings, plastic bearings with PTFE bearings.
  5. Replacement if required applicable plastic ring gear or motor encoder gears with high precision brass gears.
  6. Reassembly using high grade synthetic grease, Resetting of worm gear meshing.
  7. Adjustment of backlash settings in RA and DEC.
  8. High precision sanding and polishing of moving internal parts yielding in smoother movement of your mount with lesswork on mount  motors giving more load to your mount.
  9. Update all firmware on scope as applicable.
  10. Astro Charged Certification Label with final inspection report with work done on scope.

-> Common Models Supported but are not limited to: Meade: LX90, LX200, LX200GPS, LX200R, RCX400 // Celestron: CGEM, CGE,  CGE-PRO and Atlas.

->Typical turn-around time for "Astro Charged Telescope Service!" depending on weather conditions for night test trials of your mount is 2-3 weeks from the time your mount/scope arrive at Astro-Smart.

->Typical prices for the service vary between $200-$500.....

->Inquire below for any questions or for scheduling your mount appointment.                         

Email us at:  
Dale DiDomenico  


We at Astro Smart are commited to making sure your telescope is at its optimum performance and capability for viewing and imaging the heavens.

The Astro-Charging Service inspects, calibrates, fine tunes, and provides you a final report DVD for your telescope's optical, mechanical, and electronic features. This way once you receive your Astro-Charged telescope back from our factory fined tuned by our staff, its ready to start using to its full potential.

Details of your service and supporting telscope models are listed below:

Meade: Fork Mount (All Sizes 8,10,12,14 inch)
-LX200 GPS/R and ACF

Celestron: German Equitorial (All Sizes 8, 9.25,11,14 inch)