Astro-Smart's Computerized Observatory System Remote Controller Capability  for any telescope.

(Model: COSC-PRO)


Typical Configuration for the COSC-PRO  is shown below to be used with a generic observatory with a role off roof or Dome control from remote computer with rain sensor support.


The COSC-PRO can be setup with your home observatory for trouble-free operation controlled by the user supplied computer interface.

Astro-Smart is the innovator of this elegant and convenient solution to your Automated Observatory needs . The Computerized Observatory System Controller Pro  (Model: COSC-PRO
) is a economical yet superior Automation solution made available to the amateur or professional Astronomer. The Computerized Observatory System Controller Pro  (Model: COSC-PRO) is designed to be used with any make or model observatory motor driven roll off or dome observatory.

The COSC-PRO systems incorporates three channels for observatory automation with rain sensor support and remote control operation via USB connection. The intent of the COSC-PRO is to be used standalone or in conjunction with CDAP-PRO devices. Other forms of this product are under way combining DEW and Observatory control into one product. But, if you want standalone operation at an economical entry point or want to use Observatory control with your CDAP units already purchased, this unit is for you.

In the following picture you can see the COSC-PRO system with common 3 Observatory Control channels using terminal lug style interface for easy installation, USB interface and GUI Software, Rain sensor interface.

Since, the inception of this unique product at Astro-Smart, the  COSC-PRO was many years in the making, over long periods in astronomy using existing products on the market  identifying their weaknesses and limitations making the product you see before you.  The COSC-PRO  is finally here!!! The Astro-Smart Computerized Obervatory System  Controller Pro  (Model COSC-PRO  designed to be user friendly, serviceable, elegant and reliable and include the following  features  shown below:

1. Worry Free Warranty Program For Life Of Product Sale.
2. Full Computerized Observatory Control Solution.


3 Automated or Manual Controlled Motor Contact Switch Output Contacts rated upto 120V/10Amps. Typical use is 12/24/32V at 10Amp maximum.

4. Terminal Lug Style Control Wiring Interface for easy installation.
5. Support for Rain Sensors for channel automatic closure of Observatory when RAIN is detected. 2.5mm jack style interface. Variable length of sensor cable is available. Standard Length 6 feet.
6. Saftey Protection Logic for Dome Closure Lockout when Rain Detected.
7. USB interface and Power with GUI Control Software Interface.
8. High quality design employs multi-layer PCB form factor and only the best quality components with conformal coatings for outdoor use.
9. Price point set below development cost for such a system while providing more features.


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The  Computerized Obervatory System Controller Pro Annihilator for any Roll Off or Dome Observatory!

The COSC-PRO package contents are shown below:

1. COSC-PRO Controller Wtih USB interface Cable.

2. One CD with GUI interface, Videos, Tutorials and Astro-Smart Sales Brochures and Velcro Strips.

Optional Accessories:

Another convenient accessory that Astro-Smart offers is a right angle mounting brackets (RAMB-DM).This allows your controller to be mounted securely on a variety of surfaces.

Rain Sensor  used for automatic output channel control to shut observatory door when rain detected. Placement of sensor can be inside observatory when the door is open and sensor is exposed to night sky. (4RainSensor-COSC-PRO)





Another convenient accessory add-on that Astro-Smart offers is the USB-3/2 7 Port Astro-Hub optional add on interface specifically designed for the COSC PRO controller. For dedicated communication distances less than 50 feet with USB-3 equipment and 80 feet for USB-2 equipment to your computer. The Astro-Hub can be used with your 
COSC PRO controller  and other telescope equipment such as cameras, focusers, mount, etc to your computer or other backhaul interface (ie ethernet or wireless options)(USB-3/2-Astro-Hub).

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1. CDAP Pro with Dew Point, Humidity, Ambient temperature sensor and Remote Capability

2. One Differential temp sensor Probe.

3. One Serial to USB interface Cable.

4. One CD with user manual, CDAP PRO Platform Software, Videos and Tutorials.